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PrintForm End Sub This prints out the userform as I would like, however it autoprints to the default printer and doesn't allow any printing options so I can't select to "print to one page".

So as of now it is only printing out half my form and cutting off the rest. Any suggestions? I have a spread sheet that prints in duplex no matter what I do.

I have made sure the printer duplex function is turned off but yet it insists in printing duplex. It is only this one workbook other workbooks print fine. I hope you have an ansewer. Hello I'm quite experienced Excel user. I've never come across this problem but tinkering in every conceivable way within Excel settings and the solution has eluded me.

I have added a worksheet created elsewhere it is a form I need printing, with the data coming from 2 sheets I have created from scratch which has pre formatted cells for Date and Client Name etc. When I try to reference the cell in this added sheet from my 2 sheets, instead of the result, it always displays the formula, not the result. I have tried doing it from one of my sheets to reference to this new, and that displays the result and not formula.

I can't imagine why it's doing this and I've never seen it happen before. Formatting cells, giving cells names rather than the usually adequate of reference to the Cell Number doesn't change things. I wonder if I've picked up some legacy protection from the original form but can't see anywhere in the tools etc that's obvious.

Please help me. This is my first need to post on a Excel Forum as I've always found help or answers from other peeps or internet but this one is making me scratch my head big time. A previous poster explained what I also need; there were no responses, so I thought I would try again.

Free or low-cost, please. I will need to print out periodic reports. I have a loan with a variable beginning balance and irregular payments with annual large payment.

And total interest paid, total pricipal paid If I change the starting principal, excel would recalculate all entries.

zebra printer excel vba

Hello, what I would like to do is take a portion of a sheet So the cells I want to mirror are in the proposal sheet cells B32 x F And then mirror the exact duplicate copy to another sheet. The other sheet should have those same values at A20 X G What I am trying to do is have a sheet that has skus, prices, and so forth and then when I add,delete, merge, color, or do anything to the cell on the "proposal creation" sheet I want it to mirror only a specific cells to another sheet that is "salesman copy" that we will print to clients.

So this way ont he proposal copy a salesman can insert rows or even change the color of the cells and then have it mirror exactly the same on the "salesman copy" which is what we will print for clients. Thank you.The Zebra Technologies TLP printer is a direct thermal and thermal transfer bar code label printer that you can use for retail and other label applications.

It is primarily used to print mailing labels and other specialty documents. But that doesn't mean you can't use the TLP to print other types of documents as well. With a few changes, you can print Excel spreadsheets, charts and other types of documents on the Zebra TLP Load the TLP with the type of paper you want to use.

You can use non-continuous media, which is perforated and cut to a specific length, or continuous media, which is a single width but can be any length. The type of media you should use depends on the size of the Excel document you need to print.

If the document is longer than the label length, use continuous media. Log on to your computer, and open Microsoft Excel. Open the document you wish to print. Click the "Office" button, and choose "Print. Go to the "Paper" tab, and use the drop-down box to select the paper size that matches the media loaded in the TLP Click "OK" to send the Excel document to the printer. By : demand Share Share on Facebook. Get great tech advice delivered to your inbox. Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe.

Please enter a valid email.I have a macro that prints out several worksheets. My problem is that I want to print these worksheets to a specific color printer.

There are many different users and most of them will have a black-and-white printer setup as their default. I want to be able to print using the ip address of the color printer. This seems like such a simple thing! I have done a lot of research and can't find a good solution although I have seen the question raised several times! Ozgrid has been a great source of information and solutions in the past.

Please help again! Edit: Have you tried recording a macro while setting the printer to the color printer? The IP address should be static for printers. I get the follwing line of code when recording a macro and have no problem printing to this color laserjet:. Thanks for the reply.

This problem with this method is that it uses the printer's name which changes from computer to computer the " I am looking for a method to use the printer's IP Address This seems like it should have an easy answer. Surely, I am not the first person to run across this issue Thanks for your reply. This link was one of the items that I found when I first started my search. It is basically an ugly work-around for what I need to do.

I am really hoping to avoid this as a solution, but if I can't get a better approach i. The problem is that this method brings it's own set of problems that I believe can be competely avoided by using an IP Address. I was really hoping to be able to use the IP Address so that I could avoid having to loop through all of the printers.

zebra printer excel vba

The IP approach seems like a much more efficient solution. See code below. Thanks for your input. I had gone down a similar route and had it working until I came across one users computer that had 'on WS' as a port.

Excel VBA Beginner Tutorial

At that point I got frustrated and just had the select printer dialog box open as part of the code. It is an ugly solution, but at least it is functional. I was really hoping that someone in this community had found a way to reference a printer using the IP Address. It seems to me that the IP Address approach would completely eliminate all of the other issues and loops that are used to find the right printer. Based upon all of the threads I have seen, the port issue creates a lot of problems for a lot of people.

I also understand that it is not even a problem when using MS Word! I found this thread searching for a solution to my problem. It is exact the same as yours and I also tried to print using IP-addresses. Since your post is 2 years old, I was wondering if you have found a solution to this problem? I did not find a solution for this. As stated in one of the earlier replies, I ended up having the print dialog window popup and the user could then select which printer to use.

If I remember correctly, I had an information box open that told the end-user to select a color printer capable of printing to an 11" x 17" sheet which was why I was trying to print to a specific IP address originally. Again, not an elegant solution, but effectiveZebra manufactures thermal printers that allow businesses to print high-quality receipts, labels and other documentation using common word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word.

These printers also have the capability to print scannable barcodes on labels for shipping, inventory pricing or identification purposes. The printer utilizes Zebra programming language, or ZPL, to create barcodes.

How do I send a ZPL string to a named printer in Excel VBA to print a label?

However, all models have the barcode commands already installed on their internal memory, so you do not need any additional barcode fonts when you use Word to print these types of labels. Select "Zebra" from the "Label vendors" drop-down box. Choose the product number from the list. Enter a barcode on the label by placing the cursor in the top-left corner of the label.

Refer to the programming guide for your Zebra printer model for the barcode commands. Under the "Printer" option, select "Zebra. How to Reverse Words to Print on Labels. How to Print Dymo Labels in Word. Share on Facebook. Step 1 Open a new Microsoft Word document. Step 3 Enter the information you want to include on the label in the "Address" text box.

Step 4 Click the "Options" button to bring up the advanced settings dialog box. Step 6 Click the "New Document" button.

VBA Code To Print To Specfic Printer

The label will appear on the screen. Step 7 Enter a barcode on the label by placing the cursor in the top-left corner of the label.Need support for your remote team?

Check out our new promo! IT issues often require a personalized solution. Why EE? Get Access. Log In. Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. David St. John asked. Medium Priority. Last Modified: I have an Excel worksheet with a Print Label button. I need to send a ZPL string to a Zebra network printer. The printer is a named printer on the computer. I have to change from the default printer, send the ZPL string to print the label and change back to the default printer.

Start Free Trial. View Solution Only. Top Expert This award recognizes someone who has achieved high tech and professional accomplishments as an expert in a specific topic. Commented: The code below illustrates how to force all printouts to go to a specific network printer.

The code sets the Application. ActivePrinter property using the network printer name derived from the SetActivePrinter function. After printing is complete it restores the active printer property.

zebra printer excel vba

Add the code below to the ThisWorkbook code module. ActivePrinter property using the user friendly printer ' name and return the current printer name. The server and printer ' are displayed in the Printers folder as "printer on server". Looks like some Zebra printer code can be found here. No idea if it actually works because I don't have a printer.

VB6 is essentially the same as VBA.Forum Rules. Help Forgotten Your Password? Remember Me? Results 1 to 13 of Printing Labels on Zebra Printer. Attached Images Zebra Printer. Register To Reply. Re: Printing Labels on Zebra Printer. Re: Printing Labels on Zebra Printer You need to get this part working before moving onto more complex tasks. No point in being able to print the labels automatically if you can't print them in the right place.

See if this works, the idea was right, but there was a typo in the printer name from Pete's post msp nstead of mpsso it would not have been found. I didn't catch that the post didn't match the properties in the printer dialogue box. Live and learn. I went over it 3 times before noticing the error. If I had been replying to this initially, I would have done the same as you and copied the name from the information given by the OP as opposed to retyping it from the image. I compared your reply to the code in post 3 and could see no difference so then I compared yours to the image, solely because both fit on the screen together without scrolling up and down, if I had looked at the text above the image instead and compared that to your reply then I might not have noticed the typo.

Here is what I have tried:. Last edited by YuriyBaron; at PM. Re: Printing Labels on Zebra Printer The location of the printer has moved since the original post, so that needs to be taken into consideration. Will dig around and see what I can find out. Avoid using Select, Selection and Activate in your code.

Use With End With instead. However, that did not work. After messing with this for a few hours I eventually got it to work! Here is the final code:.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Nothing happens after running the function. It's like the printer is not touched at all by the code. After executing the command, there is a printer icon at the status bar show that the printer has been called and receiving data from my code, but still, no printing at all.

What I like to do is do something similar to your Method 2, but save it to a file the raw printer data and then do a file copy to the UNC path. Okay so this is how I managed to get thing this work. Not a best option as I wanted but Finally, use Shell to execute it. Learn more. Asked 7 years, 6 months ago. Active 2 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 16k times. This is all that I can find, none of them work. Quannt Quannt 1, 1 1 gold badge 18 18 silver badges 27 27 bronze badges.

Oct 11 '12 at Hi Alex. But the problem is still there. Active Oldest Votes.

How To Print Zpl From Excel Vba ?

SeanC SeanC I went to the Port setting, switch it to LPT1: and follow your code and got the error : Run time error 53, File not found. Yosem Yosem 4, 2 2 gold badges 18 18 silver badges 26 26 bronze badges.

Hi Yosem, by UNC path, you mean the path to the printer? Mine is connected to my laptop via USB cable at the moment. You can send raw text with this to this printer. JimHawkins 3, 8 8 gold badges 25 25 silver badges 49 49 bronze badges.

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