Sectional wise Nagarro Placement Papers are made available free of cost in this article. Observe the direct links from the end of this page to get them. Nagarro is an industry related to business consultation and software development. Founded init is headquartered in Munich, Germany and it has its main development office is in Gurgaon, India.

The company has its operational locations are in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company shows a vital interest in social issues. Its concerns related to social issues has been awarded and recognized. Those who are eagerly exploring the Nagarro Placement Papers can check this article to get the appropriate information. Candidates who want to crack the test easily must prepare the effective timetable by including the Syllabus, Exam Pattern and also the latest Nagarro Model Papers PDF from this article.

Candidates to crack the Nagarro Placement Test, then you must follow the below series of the Nagarro Selection Process. Moreover, they have announced that those who ever qualify in the test, then they will only be promoted to the next levels of the Selection Process. The test is of objective type and the total time given for the Nagarro Written Examination is of Minutes.

The exam has around 53 questions from Aptitude, Technical and Coding sections with a time allotment of minutes in total. This section is of the moderate level and contains totally of 30 questions. It is a paper-based exam. Also, the officials of Nagarro will do any modifications to the Test Paper. Furthermore, you should complete your preparation with the syllabus, then move for the process to solve all the Nagarro Placement Papers PDF. By reviewing these Sample papers you can hold an overview of the test paper structure.

So, download them and prepare well for the test. Share on Facebook. Contents 1 Nagarro Placement Papers — Overview 1. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Placement Papers.Nagarro specializes in high-quality business-critical software and IT projects for major corporations. Our customers include global leaders in the pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, automation, airlines, telecom, finance and retail industries, such as Pfizer, UBS, Mitsubishi, SAP and Lufthansa.

Nagarro Company Overview. Nagarro provides technology services that address the complex business needs of its clients. Through a unique combination of domain knowledge and engineering expertise, Nagarro helps meet the strategic goals of companies ranging from early stage ventures to Global market leaders.

Nagarro serves as a strategic partner to recognized global leaders in consumer and industrial manufacturing, working to maximize profitability for some of the most complex manufacturing processes in the world.

Nagarro also brings significant expertise in supply chain management to design innovative solutions to meet client needs. In addition to making recommendations that drive critical business decisions, Nagarro provides all the technology and skills required to implement these systems quickly and effectively. Nagarro has helped manufacturing customers reduce inventory, improve quality and shorten new product introduction timelines resulting in millions of dollars in savings. Pharmaceuticals Nagarro provides specialized software solutions to multi-billion dollar global pharmaceutical companies to help them comply with constantly-changing, complex industry, federal and international regulations.

Nagarro helps synchronize this data and develop systems that provide accurate data analysis and reporting in the US and abroad, avoiding errors that could result in costly fines and delays. Identifying critical problems in drug development within the early stages of clinical trials has provided cost savings of millions of dollars, as similar problems in later testing stages can cost ten times as much to correct.

Software Nagarro provides comprehensive product engineering services for ISVs ranging from early-stage startups to billion dollar product companies. Nagarro provides high quality business analysts, architects and engineers combined with robust processes to help clients reduce cost and time to market while increasing quality and efficiency.

Projistics provides distributed teams an integrated view of all aspects of the project lifecycle, from planning to execution. Projistics is a web-based application that is licensed by organizations worldwide, and can be accessed by Nagarro and its clients to obtain real time access to live projects. Projistics is also used to enhance collaboration and improve internal communication, ensuring an efficient and productive relationship between Nagarro and its customers.

Get daily job alert, placement paper and GK updates every day on your email. Register Now to benefit from our unlimited fresher focused services! Contribute Placement Papers. Free Job Alert. Sarkari Naukri. Employment News. Sarkari Results.First Round: 1. Aptitude Questions, basically logical aptitude, Not the standard aptitude questions which we get in other companies, it included some questions of geometry, trigonometry, and puzzle type questions, analytical ability.

nagarro coding questions

Question were like — find the measure of an angle in the figure, solve the trigonometric equation, data interpretation-a data table was given and based on that table question were given, find the sum of a given series, arrange in descending order -sruds ka, etc.

Second Round: Technical ability test: questions on basic C language, like predict the output, find error, then puzzle type question of queues and stacks, then write level order traversal after insertion in a heap, dry run of bubble sort and quicksort, and some very basic question like no of nodes in binary tree and all… Overall this round was very easy.

Nagarro Interview Questions – Set 1

Write a function to rotate submatrix within the matrix by 90degree clock wise. Function takes x and y as starting row and column coordinate of matrix and N as size of submatrix as argument.

Resort the array taking absolute value of negative numbers -- NAGARRO CODING ROUND -- MyCodeShala

Inplace rotation was required. I gave brute force I. With extra memory. You are given a sorted array containing both negative and positive values. Resort the array taking absolute value of negative numbers.

Your complexity should be O n. Fourth Round: He started with tell me something about urself. Meanwhile he was going through my coding paper. Then he said lets dry run the first program. We started, then he was confused in my program, I said should I explain it to u?? He said let me see it. Then he startedd asking why this variable, can I use anything else. Finally, he was done with my first code. Code was correct.

Then he came to second code and again he said lets dry run it. I used mergsort sort merging technique, so he said ok explain me this, and again why this variable, and can u do any thing else other than this and so on. Maine third code m kuch nhi likha tha, so he asked the reason. Maine kaha ki mai sol tak nhi pahuch paya tha, toh usne kaha tell me jitna socha tha, then I told him jo maine socha tha.

Then he asked, ki is problem k baare m fir socha ya nhi free time m, I said yes, he said so how it is solved then, I said dynamic programming. He asked nothing.

He gave me a extra question- Given a text string and a sample string. Find if the characters of the sample string is in the same order in the text string. Give a simple algo. I gave him few solution. He was done with my interview, and he was happy with my solution. Fifth Round: HR Round:. Tell me something about ur educational qualification. Schooling… Graduation… Etc. Tell me about ur all achievements… Scholarshipholder…… second topper graduation….

Second topper matriculation… ranking in technical fests… Maths olmpiad… Etc…. Tell me about ur strength and weakness. PS: Try to give ur weakness such that it is counted as strength… My strength : Hard Working and dedicated to work.Sugar-free to me means a diet free of refined sugar - things like processed foods and white flours, rice and bread.

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nagarro coding questions

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Latest Nagarro Placement Papers PDF Download

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Anne, Australia Scenic Fjords of Norway, July 2013 We were so happy with everything and would travel again with your company. Andy, United States Iceland Full Circle, June 2013 We took the 10 day tour of the Iceland Ring Road and had a fantastic time.

Robert, Canada Iceland Grand Tour, June 2013 Our experience with Nordic Vistor agent Alexandra was exceptional, emails were answered quickly and all questions were covered. Trudy, Canada Iceland Full Circle, May 2013 Thank you Nordic Visitor for a worry-free trip, for always being available (just a phone call away) and for making our trip memorable and so pleasant.

Marcelo, Brazil Iceland Full Circle, May 2013 Alexandra was specially helpful. Erin, United States Iceland Full Circle, May 2013 I love your office. Felicity, United Kingdom Express Iceland, May 2013 My husband, a friend and I recently completed the "Express Iceland" self-drive tour and had an unbelievable time.

Their excellence and professionalism were demonstrated in three ways: 1. Flawless Execution We were all impressed with the quality and quantity of information that we received once we booked the self-drive package. They thought of every detail so we d chengelh34, United States Express Iceland, May 2013 We would highly recommend the self-drive trip around the Ring Road as arranged by Nordic Visitor.

Steve and Zoe, United Kingdom Winter Romance, March 2013 From the moment of booking to our return flight NV and Alexandra made the whole trip a once in a lifetime experience.

Speci C S, Australia Icehotel Winter Adventure, February 2013 We would like to say that our consultant Cecilia Markov was fantastic, we travel widely and she is the best consultant we have dealt with, friendly efficient and very helpful. Darren, United Kingdom Golden Circle and South Coast - Winter, February 2013 Just got back from a brilliant week in Iceland courtesy of Larus at Nordic Visitor who sorted 5 great hotels over 6 nights and the ideal vehicle in a Ford Kuga 4WD.

Will use these guys next time we visit the Nordic countries as great value Seroj, United Kingdom Iceland Winter World, December 2012 Fantastic communication and organisation by our agent.

nagarro coding questions

Karen and Max, Australia Iceland Winter World, November 2012 Thank you for a wonderful honeymoon. We felt very welcome and everyone was extremely helpful. Thank you for all your hard work. We really appreciated it.

nagarro coding questions

Tom, United States Norway Grand Tour, August 2012 We just completed our Drive It Ourselves Tour of Norway. Miles, United States South Iceland at Leisure, July 2012 This past summer we spent a week in Iceland following the "South at Leisure" self-drive tour arranged by Thordis of Nordic Visitor.