Loki stop this brother! How wimpy is this guy for being a god? Steve sent a warning glare over at the millionaire, who just shrugged and started looking in the debris for something to drink. Really creepy blue too. I assure you Son of Stark, my brothers eyes are green. They were still blue but. Steve followed her gaze, frowning.

Now it was Thors turn to frown. He could have caused some serious damage. The Hulk would not be able to hurt him this bad.

avengers fanfiction loki overexertion

No" Thor shook his head. Let's not do anything rash. The guy just tried to kill us all and conqure the world. I'm pretty sure that is a capitol offence. Trust me, he wanted to kill you. But something happened while I was away.

avengers fanfiction loki overexertion

He is my brother, and if your theories are correct, then it is just one crime he has to answer for, and that is against me and Asgard. Or will you wake up the dead from the street and punish them for what their race tried to do?

I do not wish to try this. Steve looked at the others. Bruce didn't meet his eyes, Clint and Tony just shrugged and Natasha didn't move. He lowered his head, and then he nodded and stepped away.

If this works, and Lokis eyes are gree, then you can take him away without questioning. If not. Alright, he didn't know those voices.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. His mate has been missing for over fifty years and now Tony, his miracle baby, is all the omega has left of him. Tony Rogers-Stark constructs his first circuit board at four, under the guiding hands of his mother.

He puts together his first engine at 6, to Howard's blinding smile. He also gets into his first fight defending a little girl from a bully, with the stories of his father's childhood ringing in his ears. He becomes a superhero, just like Captain America, at twelve years old. BOTH of their child.

But Tony has always done all of this with his mother beside him. Howard was the one who performed open-heart surgery on Tony in a cave in Afghanistan.

Howard helped Tony create his first suit and then built one of his own to join him. For 13 years, Tony has always gone into any battle with Howard at his side. Loki's relief at Thor's survival turns to horror as he realises that Thor does not remember himself, or more importantly to Loki, does not remember Loki. Amnesiac brute that Thor now is, he still wants Loki, no matter Loki's feelings on the matter.

And Thor always gets what he wants. The Allfather cannot place full trust in the tension filled Avengers team. Instead he sends his oldest son to assist in retrieving the Tesseract and return his two youngest sons back to Asgard. His oldest son who has not set foot on Midgard in over years.

The one that carries a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead and holds a certain mastery over death. The Weeping Siren, though dead, haunts them. A restless pest that drew the Warriors Four and Loki together, but may very well succeed in pulling Odin's sons apart. When Vanaheim's haunted forest, the Blodig Skog's, magic begins to spread like a curse, the five have no choice but to return to the very place this whole mess started.

No slash, no smut [Sequel to the Weeping Siren]. Loki falls into the grasp of Thanos after Thor's failed coronation.

Five years later, as Thanos begins to put the Infinity Gauntlet together, Wanda, captured by the Black Order in a failed act of heroism, has the unfortunate pleasure of meeting what remains of him.

No slash, no smut. Inthe battle for the universe has been won. At a cost no one can forget, the fight is over—for all but one. Stephen Strange has an idea.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. While on an undercover mission, he unexpectedly begins to fall for his co-worker Gemma, and she seems to feel the same way…about Davehis alter ego while in disguise. Can Loki continue a relationship with her while keeping his true identity a secret?

How many lies can the 'God of lies' spin to keep his pursuit of a simple life? Many moons ago, an Asgardian woman discovered she was pregnant. Upon revealing this to the child's grandmother, a decision was made that would change their fate forever. To be protected from the wrath of Odin, the child would be sent far away, the father never learning of her existence.

Her father is dead, and she will avenge Loki's death if it's the last thing she does. Only problem? The Avengers already have enough on their plate with Thanos' incoming attack, and they don't take too kindly to an unpredictable alien hybrid leaving nothing but destruction in her wake. On the Asgardians' ship hurtling towards Earth, Thanos stood and took the Tesseract as he took life in one fell swoop. But Thor does not believe that Loki can die.

avengers fanfiction loki overexertion

Even after all others, he can't. No matter how many times he had seen his brother "die" and mourned. This time he cannot possibly be dead. Stormbreaker strikes Thanos a couple inches to the left of where it does in canon, with much more satisfying results.

However, revenge alone won't fill the voids left behind by all that Thor has lost. The Time Stone might be able to help with that. Infinity War Thor is thrown back into his younger body on the night of the botched coronation. He's going to be doing things a lot differently this time. You were the last of your race, at least that is what you were told. You don't remember your parents or your people, all you remember is the dungeon walls you call your home. That is until you met the boy and everything changed.

He helped you escape your prison and gave you a fresh start at life. You owed everything to him, little did you know he also owed everything to you. You were two sides of the same coin, one could not exist without the other, however that does not mean things were always perfect. Loki has joined the Avengers AU and Genderfluid! Loki Loki is normally seen as male. That's how they usually present themself. But, once in a blue moon, they'll feel like presenting as something else.

And when you're a shapeshifter, you might as well take full advantage of those powers.They deposited Loki on his bed, Steve stopping to realize this was the first time he had been in the Trickster God's room. It had taken Thor a while to convince Loki that he was truly welcome here and wouldn't be cast aside, and so it didn't surprise Steve that there was very little personalization in the room so far. It seemed Loki had started changing things to suit his preferences, for example the Green and gold colour scheme, but besides that there were very few personal touches.

The room was very large, with huge windows on the far wall framed by green curtains, a large four poster bed, a closet and a bathroom joining on to the room.

There was also a ginormous bookcase filled to the brim with any books Tony thought Loki might find interesting. Eyes scanning the titles, Steve noticed most of these were either Science books, or books in other languages. There were a few of Loki's own books, from Asgard, written in old Norse. Thor had presented Loki with those just after he moved in, saying he had borrowed them from their mother in the hopes they would make Loki happy.

Steve smiled. Yes, Thor was often vying for a chance to just make Loki happy. It was quite rare to get a genuine smile out of Loki, let alone a laugh, but when he did laugh Steve sighed. It was the most beautiful sound in the world.

All Hail The King - A Loki + Avengers Fanfiction

Steve tucked Loki in, and pulled Tony away from where he was eyeing Loki's sceptre, and they left to find Thor. Two things were worrying Steve. Firstly, why had this illness come on so suddenly? Did he still feel like an outsider? They found Thor in the kitchen, chuckling merrily at the television set since he had been informed via the comms that Loki had been found. To introduce Thor to television gently, Tony had showed the Asgardian man cartoons first. When first confronted with realistic television, such as a hospital drama, Thor hadn't quite grasped the concept and had leapt from the couch to help those in need.

Steve dissapproved, but they had all had a long day and he didn't care to argue right now. This 'Animaniacs' is most amusing!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Catatonia 2. Cut-throat 3. Bridal carry 4. Tummyache 5. Pinned down 6. Poisoned arrow 7.

Unconscious 8. Falling 9. Beaten Suicide Whipped Not anorexia Brainwashed Jaundice yellow Concussion Drown Asphyxia Coma Burned Overexertion Collapsed lung Fever Amnesia Flashbacks Blown up Blind Anthrax Lips sewn shut Untitled Resurrection Or rather, Thor wanted to test himself against the "meager might of Midgard's elements"; Clint went because he apparently loved camping; Natasha went because she hated being separated from the archer; Tony went to watch all the hilarity that would no doubt ensue; Bruce went because Tony did; Steve went to keep them from destroying each other or a forest; and Loki tagged along because he had no choice.

So that was how six Avengers plus one trickster god found themselves huddling in a cave in the middle of some Godforsaken forest during a thunderstorm. Granted, Thor could have easily redirected the storm, but that would have messed up the natural weather patterns of the world and none of them felt like having to prevent another global catastrophe. It was late and they were all huddled up in their sleeping bags. None of them could sleep with all of the random thunderclaps and flashes of lightning.

Secretly, Loki agreed with Tony, not that he'd ever admit that out loud. He'd told them that this would be a bad idea, but had any of them listened? Nope, they just told him to stuff it and went anyway, dragging him kicking and screaming along for the ride.

He sighed as he sat down, back against the wall of the cave and sleeping bag draped around his shoulders like a blanket. Well, Thor chose camping. Her red hair was frizzy from all of the humidity, and when Natasha's hair was anything but perfect, she got pissy.

That's not a lot of trust, Tasha, especially for someone who is literally an agent of a top secret government facility whose job is to continuously save the world. What is a little rain to such mighty warriors such as ourselves? Loki sighed and closed his eyes, at least trying to tune Thor out. It was a hard task, sure, but Loki had learned centuries ago how to do it.

He hadn't slept in thirty-six hours, give or take a few, and he was exhausted. The Avengers had been making him use his magic to help with the rebuilding of the city that had been all but destroyed in the attack, and it had left him more drained than he cared to admit. Everyone could see that Loki was suffering, they just couldn't see how much. They assumed that the stress of having five pissed off Avengers and one pretty damn angry Thor breathing down his back was finally getting to him.

Mercifully, Thor had stopped talking and Loki could finally try to get some sleep. The sound of rain beating down on the leaves and ground was strangely comforting, and he had almost drifted off when he felt it. His eyes snapped open and he peered out into the downpour outside of the cave.

He felt it again, a familiar tickle against his consciousness that meant there was magic being used nearby. Very suspicious, especially considering that any unauthorized "aliens", as the Midgardians called those of the other realms, were not allowed on Midgard without explicit permission.

Without giving the Avengers a chance to reply, he walked out of the cave and into the rain. He became soaked almost immediately but he hardly noticed the cold. His Frost Giant lineage had always allowed him to withstand much lower temperatures than the Aesir could. He had hardly gone ten feet when he heard pounding footsteps behind him and the familiar bulky hand of Thor slammed down onto his shoulder.

Loki rolled his eyes and shrugged Thor's hand off. Who knows what these trees conceal? Loki bristled angrily.

I can take care of myself, and besides, nothing on this meager world has strength enough to kill me.He and Steve were glaring at each other from opposite sides of the living room, nursing bruises. Me and Loki did all the legwork. Everyone rolled their eyes. I want to get those analyzed. With a groan, Loki dragged himself to his feet and immediately staggered.

Steve, closest to him, jumped up to steady him. It was clear on the walk that Loki had in fact very much overexerted himself, but he didn't complain, not even when Steve failed to remove his hand after the third or fourth stumble. Steve was a little surprised, but then again nearly everything the god of mischief did since his arrival in the tower surprised him.

Including the fact that he didn't just teleport everywhere, especially being this exhausted. I could accidentally deposit myself inside a wall. They froze a moment, not quite having let go of one another. Loki was suddenly aware of how effortlessly the captain had caught him.

Which was funny, because it definitely wasn't a threatened sort of awareness, but he didn't normally go for big muscly blonds. They reminded him too much of his brother. It seemed silly to him now to compare Steve to Thor. Steve was much more like him, an intelligent and gentlemanly artist, who just happened to be stuck in a similar body to that of Thor. For all that there were physical similarities, he lacked the brashness, the arrogance, the slowness, all the things that so irritated Loki about his brother, and for that matter, the majority of big muscly warriors that he'd met.

Steve was struck again by the innate regalness that Loki had. Even exhausted and injured and in the awkward position in which they were now standing He really should move, oh God he'd hesitated too long, this was awkward and weird and he didn't know what to do.

avengers fanfiction loki overexertion

He was refined, almost feminine, in looks, but still exuded a certain air of alpha male. Simultaneously dangerous and pleasing to the eye, much like Natasha but at the same time not. Had he really just thought that? Steve suddenly understood what the others meant when they described someone as a "prettyboy".

Well, body of a god, right? My thanks to the guest reviewer known as 'meh' for making me laugh my ass off. It came right when I was stressing about my business trip. Maybe I'll find a way to use that or something similar. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Movies Avengers. Supervillains are dying. Thor just wants to protect his little brother. You okay? Just stood up a little too fast. Steve eyed him.