Turn automatic update of apps on or off. Turn automatic use of mobile data on or off. Delete email account. Change PIN. Turn NFC on or off. The battery icon shows the remaining battery power. The bigger the coloured section of the icon, the more power. The battery charging icon shows the battery is charging. The signal strength icon shows the strength of the network signal at your location.

How to Disable Background Apps and Data on Huawei P10

The more lines, the stronger the signal. The flight mode icon shows flight mode is turned on. The network mode icon shows the network mode currently used by your mobile phone. The divert icon shows all voice calls are diverted. The missed calls icon shows you have one or more missed calls.

App Shortcuts: Making App Features Start Faster

The email icon shows you've received a new email. The silent mode icon shows silent mode is turned on and all phone sounds are turned off. The alarm icon shows the alarm is set. The active data connection icon shows a data connection is active. The Bluetooth icon shows Bluetooth is turned on. The Wi-Fi icon shows your mobile phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Share this article via email! Just fill in these details and the characters in the box.

Device Help Huawei P10 Getting started. Huawei P10 Share guide: Link copied! View Device specs.

applications icon on huawei

Popular guides. Getting started.Just got my P9 yesterday and I have no idea how to reduce the size of the icon on my home screen?

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applications icon on huawei

Join Date: Joined: Dec Junior Member. Join Date: Joined: Aug Just got my P9 today and I have no idea how to reduce the size of the icon on my home screen? Account currently disabled. Thanks Meter : Join Date: Joined: Jun Holo Launcher HD plus changes icon size. Sent from my XT using xda premium. Subscribe to Thread.

Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Android Apps and Games. Miscellaneous Android Development. NewPipe - the lightweight YouTube experience for Android. Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode.Modern smartphones work wonders with notifications, particularly Android phones because of the design of the OS, but because of power saving features on Huawei's EMUI Android skin you might not be getting all the notifications you're used to getting. This includes anything from emails to texts, or even data-based messaging apps like Hangouts and Facebook Messenger among others.

If you've found yourself running into this problem we've got a quick and simple fix for you that will only take a few seconds of your time. If you're missing notifications from commonly used apps it's likely because the default power profile is set to only keep a small list of apps running in the background, a process that keeps the other apps from performing any kind of activity on the phone unless they are run in the foreground.

To access this power profiles section head on over to the system settings area, which you can either find in the quick toggles portion of the notification shade by pulling down the status bar on the top portion of the screen, or heading to the settings button on your home screen or app drawer.

From here scroll down to Advanced Settings and head on over into Battery Manager. The Protected Apps selection is what you're looking for here, and this will control what's allowed to run when the screen is off and what isn't. From here you can cherry pick which apps are allowed to run, and you're likely going to want to make sure your favorite email and chat apps are included in the list of enabled apps.

EMUI will let you know which apps are "power-intensive," but if those are your favorite apps it's not going to do you a lot of good to keep them from running. If you'd rather allow every app on the phone to run all the time feel free to check the All slider at the top, however note that this will cause significant battery drain compared to the default values.

Enjoy those important notifications again! Newsletter Signup.

applications icon on huawei

Sign up! Skip to content MENU. Apr 11, Dark Light Light. Trusted By Millions.Are you looking for a way to change app icons on Android? Since one of the coolest things about Android smartphones is the different levels of customization it offers to the users, I think boredom is the last thing that an Android user can experience.

New layouts, fun backgrounds and a variety of icons can give your phone a new look every time you get bored of the current one. So if you have recently started to feel like your app icons are not fun enough then try one of the given methods that explain how to change app icons on Android phone. See also: How to set up a new Android phone or tablet. There are two ways in which you can change Android icons. The first method is to use a launcher while the second one is to use a standalone icon pack.

Both of these methods do not require your phone to be rooted. There are quite a few launchers available on the Play store which you can choose from. Check the ratings and look for feedback to make sure you pick a launcher that works well and is suitable for your device. Once you pick the launcher you want to use on your phone, simply download and install the launcher.

After the launcher is installed, you will automatically be asked if you would like to start using the launcher when you press the home button. Choose the launcher as the default, and depending on the launcher you are using, you may be prompted with further steps to customize your screens. Users who have been using a launcher before as well will be able to import the settings of their previous launcher, or else, you may need to spend some time to bring the different widgets and apps you use to your home screen.

Some launchers like Nova Launcher will even allow you to pick an image from your gallery for your app icon. With such amazing levels of flexibility in changing the app icons, you can continually assign your apps new icons either from images from your gallery or by using different launchers. Launchers bring with them a spectrum of wallpapers, themes and app icons which can dress up your device the way you want it to be. Some of them may contain ads but they work well especially if you are a person who enjoys exploring variety when it comes to the way their phone looks.

Some of our readers do not find themselves to be comfortable using a launcher. But they do not mind changing the app icons to give their phones a fresh new look. In a situation like this, an app is a good way to change the app icons without changing the skin of your phone by using a launcher. Apps like Awesome Icons and Icon Changer are known to be user-friendly apps which can help you in changing Android icons. Depending on the app, the steps for using it will vary.Are you ready for the Galaxy S20?

Here is everything we know so far! Search titles only Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Useful Searches. Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? Android Forums. BobRoberts69 Lurker. I'm not sure how it happened but my phone icon and the other icons at the bottom of my phone are missing. I can't see them on any screen, and can't seem to find the apps screen to restore them. How do I access the apps screen on my phone?

You may have to do a reset and start all over setting up the phone again. This is usually the last resort for phone or computer problems. Hopefully, you have your music and pics on a removable card. Remove it before you reset the phone. Nomes Lurker. Hi Bob, I had this exact same problem, all of a sudden no icons at the bottom of the screen. Scoured the internet for answers to no avail. Tick the ones you need, the icons will then appear in that folder, then just drag and drop.

Very easy solution, but I had almost given up. Similar Threads - Missing phone icon. Replies: 0 Views: Replies: 9 Views: Replies: 12 Views: BrettLG Feb 3, Replies: 1 Views: Help Why some app icons missing when phone in landscape?

Replies: 8 Views: Dannydet Jul 30, Missed calls - Phone unreachable or busy in another call? Find who called! Replies: 5 Views: Help Missing photos from a different user account in the same phone! MentallyZeroSep 28,in forum: Android Lounge.System requirements Microsoft Windows 10 bit or bit version.

Top 9 Huawei Phone Problems and How to Fix Them

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Huawei EMUI: Display Counters Instead of Notification Dots on App Icons

System requirements Microsoft Windows 10 bit or bit version Microsoft Windows 8. Microsoft Windows 10 bit or bit version Microsoft Windows 8. Mac download. Manage data and software easily. Download and install network resources in a single click.

applications icon on huawei

Give a rich experience to users. Installation and connection guide Download the HiSuite software package according to your system. Click to accept the agreement and statement. Click to start installing. USB connection. Click on the WLAN button on the home page. It will pop up the following connection devices. Numbers are for examples only. Connect the cell phone to the computer with USB data cable.

Open HDB Please agree to the authorizations on your phone when connecting. Please agree to the authorizations on your phone when connecting. Open HDB Open HiSuite on your phone,enter the displayed eight-digit verification code into the verification code input box on the computer, and click the "Connect Now" button. Open HiSuite on your phone,enter the displayed eight-digit verification code into the verification code input box on the computer, and click the "Connect Now" button.

Three highlights. Data management Make it convenient for you to use your PC manage contacts, messages, pictures, videos, applications and other data. Data backup Back up and recover your phone data.Do you remember how happy we were when Google rolled out those dots for apps? It seemed so exciting to see dots right on the icons on new message, discussion reply or other event. Some time later the badges appeared and began to compete with dots.

There is no doubt that the notification with counters look more informative because they can tell you the exact number of notifications the apps has for you.

Otherwise, I will need to open each app to find that out. All screenshots taken on my Nova 3i. I will add extra steps as soon as new EMUI version comes out with changes.

By default Huawei phone shows dots if an app has notifications. It looks like the following — a dot on the upper right corner of an icon:. Follow the steps to switch from dots to badges with counters for all supported apps on Huawei phone or tablet:. If your Huawei device is already running Android 9 with EMui 9, the badge display settings look slightly different.

Not so long ago, I noticed that this instruction is no longer suitable for my device, since it received another EMUI update. Therefore, now this setting is here:. It should be said that not all apps support displaying counters but the majority of popular apps do. Enjoy using icon badges with counters on your Huawei phone or tablet as a more informative mode. Tell us in the comments:.

It is ok… But the problem still exists. I mean this number notification system is working for some specific apps other apps notifications are hidden… There are no numbers or anything for them. So we miss other apps notifications. Why did they remove it?